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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Nov-2016 Lubrication Potential of Boron Compounds: An Overview R.B, Choudhar; P.P, Pande
25-Nov-2016 Environmentally Adapted Lubricants, Part 1. An Overview Pal, Mahendra; Sudhir, Singhal
25-Nov-2016 Characterization of Tribofilmfrom Sulfurized Mohwa Oil Singh,A.K
24-Nov-2016 Environmentally Adapted Lubricants, Part II. Hydraulic Fluids Pal, Mahendra; Singhal, Sudhir
24-Nov-2016 Optimization of Reaction Conditions for Preparing Carboxymethyl Cellulose from Corn Cobic Agricultural Waste Singh,A.K; Singh, Raj Kumar
24-Nov-2016 Synthesis of 3,4-dihydropyrimidinones in the presence of water under solvent free conditions using conventional heating, microwave irradiation/ultrasound Singhal, Sweety; Sain, Bir; Jain, Suman L; Joseph, Jomy K
24-Nov-2016 A Search for Ecofriendly Detergent/Dispersant Additives for Vegetable-Oil Based Lubricants A Search for Ecofriendly Detergent/Dispersant Additives for Vegetable-Oil Based Lubricants A Search for Ecofriendly Detergent/Dispersant Additives for Vegetable-Oil Based Lubricants Singh,A.K; Singh, Raj Kumar
24-Nov-2016 Stereoselective Synthesis of endo-7-Halo-3-Oxo-2-Azabicyclo[4.1.0] Heptanes by Reductive hydrodehalogenation of gem-Dihalocyclopropanes Joseph, J.K; Singhal, S; Jain, Suman L; Sain, Bir
12-Aug-2016 Abilities of Some Compounds to Stabilize Mahwa Oil from High Temperature Oxidative Degradation for Biolubricant Applications Singh, Raj Kumar; Singh,A.K
12-Aug-2016 A novel method for controlled synthesis of nanosized hematite (a-Fe2O3) thin film on liquid–vapor interface Kumar, Pawan; Singh, Raj Kumar; Rawat, Nitin; Barman, Partha Bir; Katyal, Subhash Chander; Jang, Hwanchol; Lee, Heung-No; Kumar, Rajesh
5-Jan-2012 Development of ecofriendly/biodegradable lubricants: An overview Ponnekanti, Nagendramma; Kaul, Savita
5-Jan-2012 Study of synthetic complex esters as automotive gear lubricants Ponnekanti, Nagendramma; Kaul, Savita
5-Jan-2012 Study of synthesised ecofriendly and biodegradable esters fire resistance and lubricating properties Ponnekanti, Nagendramma,; Kaul, Savita; Bisht, R P S
5-Jan-2012 Eco-friendly Base Formulations Fluids for Lubricant Oil Formulations Bisht, R P S; Kaul, Savita; Ponnekanti, Nagendramma; Bhatia, V.K; Gupta, A.K
4-Jan-2012 Effect of low frequency ultrasonic assisted extraction on the quality of seed oils of Indian origin Kaul, Savita; Porwal, Jyoti; Sharma, Garima; Bisht, Neha
4-Jan-2012 Parametric Study of Jatropha Seeds for Biodiesel Production by Reactive Extraction Kaul, Savita; Porwal, Jyoti; Garg, M.O
4-Jan-2012 Kinetics of the UDHDS Process: A Lumped Parameter Approach Ganguly,S.K; Gurulakshmanam, G
2-Dec-2011 Determination of intrinsic kinetics of catalytic oxidation of 1-butanethiol in light oil sweetening Ganguly,S.K; Das, Gautam; Sain, Bir
13-Oct-2011 Kinetics of Hydrodesulphurization of Diesel:Mass Transfer Aspects Ganguly,S.K
13-Oct-2011 Kinetics of hydrodesulphurisation of diesel:external mass transfer aspects Ganguly,S.K
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